Schacky and Jones  is a Munich fashion label which is particularly skillful when it comes to capturing the glamour of this city. The brand which was founded in the year 2003 specialized in leather and fur. Considering the luxurious character of these precious materials, Schacky and Jones accordingly places value on exclusivity and a unique production. Only the most precious and valuable materials are used, in order to guarantee a quality which is just out of this world. Furthermore, the designers also make sure that the clothing is the result of a cruelty-free production.

The leather fashion and fur impress with their outstanding fit. The leather is turned into stretch leather in a very lavish and complex process. The resulting material embraces he silhouette softly and provides a unique wear comfort and a eye-catching visual effect. The same values apply to the design and production of the fur clothing, which is supposed to accompany the wearer through the year with a lot of style and make her feel as comfortable as possible. I personally fell in love with the reversible design. Who wears a fur by Schacky & Jones can actually enjoy two designs instead of just one.

The fall and winter collection for this year is defined by an extreme coolness because Schacky and Jones is always eager to create street wear which borders upon high fashion. Thanks to the young interpretation of leather and fur, the luxurious materials receive a nonchalant touch which will make fur and leather also appeal to the youthful fashion victims among us. Luxurious fashion for people of all ages – this is what Schacky & Jones want to create. This year, mainly skinny leather pants are combined with large furs. This look appears young and yet maintains a very noble attitude. Who likes it particularly expressional and eye-catching chooses an outfit in black and white. Fans of autumnal colors will probably find a liking to the floor-length coat. I personally would wear the cool biker jacket.

In January, Schacky and Jones is coming to our capital Berlin to honor the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with the presentation of their fall and winter looks for 2015 and 2016. Who values trendy leather and sophisticated fur, shouldn’t miss this show.

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