In the coming spring and summer collection 2015, Rebekka Ruétz is revolutionizing and glorifying one of the most feminine silhouettes in the women’s world: the sand clock figure which is able to emphasize the feminine charms like no other. Thanks to this very feminine fit, the décolleté as well as the waist are accentuated beautifully. It’s however particularly the hips which have been placed in the visual center for the summer 2015.

At Rebekka Ruétz, the glorification of the waist is taking place within each and every outfit. High-waist cuts are the base of this important visual effect in the form of skirts and tight-fitting cloth pants. Outfits which don’t feature a high waist are provided with a belt which is accenting the waist instead. Rebekka Ruétz is, as you can see, is always eager to take sensuality to the top.

While the silhouettes resemble each other, the choice of materials and the color palette are marked by a very exciting diversity. The skirt in combination with all kinds of tops seems to be the main pillar of the collection. Once more, Rebekka proves that femininity is back. Thanks to the combination with mesh-like fabrics, transparence or sweat jackets, even the most elegant ensemble in Rebekka’s collection is capable of rocking the streets with certain nonchalance!

The summer collection promises a fascinating winter collection 2015 which you can see live at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January.

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