Known for her incomparable style, the show of Marina Hoermanseder is particularly anticipated with excitement at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Marina is known for playing with elements from the fetish fashion and, thus, constantly reinvents femininity. Unconventional design is her strength. The fans of the Austrian fashion creator let themselves get taken away by the special use of leather elements. The brand Marina Hoermanseder is neither made for the mainstream community nor is it targeting fans of the conventional. Individual designs are the trademark of the fashion brand founded in the year 2014 which bears the name of the female founder and fashion designer.

Summer 2015 – if you are fed up with ordinary dress designs, then you should definitely take a look at Marina’s fashion. Without following rules, Marina Hoermanseder is implementing her own visions of fashion. She makes sure to avoid uniformity and monotony, instead placing value on diversity with a defined structure. The striking contrast between elegant, feminine shapes and the leather pieces is what breathes life into the dynamic structure.

Loud colors are left out, but they are certainly not missed here. The complex cuts impress on their own, complemented by a reduced and dark color palette. Waisted shorts and 7/8 pants, blouses and shirts are combined with draped leather skirts and corsets. Marina turned the skirt into the heart of her design concept, making it a must-have for anyone who fell in love with this brand’s fashion.


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