For Marcel Ostertag fashion means everything. This is why he constantly places value on the consistently high quality of his fashion. Since 2006, he has been running an eponymous brand which he uses as a mean to convey his vision of fashion to couture victims all around the word. “Made in Germany” is a very crucial aspect, going hand in hand with the glamour his clothing exudes.

The spring and summer collection by Marcel Ostertag is inspired by soft and luscious spring colors. For this reason, natural motifs are a very crucial part of the collection. Bright green reminding you of a beautiful meadow determines the color concept in particular. Various patterns be it geometrical stripes or unconventional graphics emphasize the joyful feeling of bliss you feel when seeing his designs.

Luscious colors and striking patterns are vividly mixed. Furthermore, they are paired with cheeky, modern cuts and give the collection a big helping of youthfulness. The wearer is dressed in the sunny depiction of her own blissful and joyful personality, which she wants to convey in all situations of her everyday life. By the way, the urban coolness of any woman is emphasized by this fashion in a glamorous way.

At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin you can take a look at the winter collection of this brand.

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