The fashion enterprise Marc Cain is worldwide known for its elevated style. For decades, the collections pursue a constantly elegant look and are therefore created to appeal to those who appreciate luxury. Fashion lovers who prefer a noble style can enjoy consistently chic clothing here at Marc Cain. However, the fashion of Marc Cain is of course undergoing changes. Stagnation? This term probably does not exist in Marc Cain’s vocabulary. Instead, the fashion by Marc Cain is transforming year after year to keep up with the times and the trends. The result: surprising turns and twists which guarantee a self-confident and fashionable look!

The brand was founded in 1973 by Marc Schlotterer , who is still the head of the fashion brand today. With his sense for style and his intuition for new trends, without abandoning his own standards however, Marc Cain accompanies the lady through the year with a lot of style.

In the summer 2015, the preppy chic is absolutely en vogue right now. This look captures the chic of the upper class on the one hand, on the other hand it is also defined by elements of the college trend. The female customer can now enjoy fashion which will emphasize her feminine side with clothing which oozes breathtaking passion. Wearing Marc Cain kind of makes you feel as if you were just catapulted into the Sex and the City series. Floral dresses, coats with lavish applications, animal prints and glitter elements provide you with a big helping of glamour. However, plain pieces in beige or soft blue are part of the assortment as well which ranges from a skirt with a black and white dot design to a blood red cocktail dress and many more breathtaking pieces.

The summer collection is followed by an exciting winter collection which will be presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January. Take the chance and be part of this fashion spectacle!

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