The next fashion brand I am going to present to you already has its native town installed into the name: Lala Berlin. The fashion experts and lovers among you probably already know this popular label which has established itself onto the national market with refreshing ideas. However, you can say that Lala Berlin can enjoy success on an international base as well considering the fact that Leyla Piedayesh, the founder, can call celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba her customers.

Everything began with a small enterprise and a much reduced number of knitted accessories. Today, high-quality knitwear is still the base of the urban and mundane style which is still considered the symbol of Berlin fashion. The special features of the German capital city are reflected in the incredible diverse looks this brand offers to you. In a symbiosis of chic and easygoing, the charm of Berlin is showcased beautifully in Lala Berlin’s fashion.

The summer 2015 includes natural colors and motifs. Easygoing cuts give the female wearer a comfortable feeling and guarantee a very laid-back look.

Apart from straight summer dresses made of light fabric, the tops, pants and shirts too feature rather straight cuts. The blazer seems slightly boyish due to this, while the pants are marked by a sporty character. Patterns are another crucial attribute of Lala Berlin’s fashion. Nevertheless, they are rather discreetly designed. Defined by a contemporary design and always placing value on individuality, the collection is striving for a cool, nonchalant and yet chic look. During the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January, Lala Berlin will be present as well, presenting the winter collection 2015.

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