Thomas Hanisch is THE newcomer amongst the designers because his daring, provocative and simultaneously avant-garde style hit the fashion world like a bomb and caused a tsunami which did not only flood Berlin’s fashion scene. The muse of his extravagant work is, according to himself, Lady Gaga, who wore several of his outfits. The Esmod student whose designer dream was to design pieces of clothing for the First Lady of Pop was not only able to fulfill this deep desire but he is now given the chance to reach for the stars in the fashion world. It is just incredible looking at the extreme growth his brand experienced in the last months and years. Today, we can safely say that Thomas Hanisch is one of the most popular brands in Germany. His first successes followed after he graduated with his final collection in the year 2010, which paved his steep career. Now, he is given the opportunity to present his avant-garde line for the fall and winter season 2015/2016 in January at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week .

Thomas Hanisch is known for his extrovert women’s wear, which resembles men’s clothing when looking at the attributes. The special design concept which seems to look beyond the border of female and male is implemented beautifully in androgynous fashion. The men’s wear is marked by feminine cuts, while the women’s fashion features dominant, bold traits in shape and silhouette as well. In both fields, the young designer works with dramatic structures which are incorporated into breathtaking cuts and well thought-out details.

His richness of ideas has won the hearts of many fans. His sophistication begins in the choice of materials which does not only include ordinary fabrics, but is also based on innovative materials. One fabric which seems rather extravagant has a metallic shimmer to it, creating a stunning lamé look. Thomas makes use of the contrast between soft, flowing, robust and rigid fabrics. Voluminous structures and smoothness are as important to his style as the characteristic edges. Often, the shoulders and the collar are emphasized with the aid of extravagant design. Furthermore, graphics play an extraordinary role – they individualize the looks.

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