I can’t wait any longer. On January 19th, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin will finally open its gates again to take visitors all around the world to a fashion wonder land. When the time has come, the motto for Berlin and all international fashion lovers will go: LET THE SHOW BEGIN. The packed and diverse schedule will climax when the fashion shows of renowned brands will be hosted. One of the designers who were honored with the chance to present their look for the winter 2015 here is Julian Zigerli. If you want to get to know this designer, you should take a look at his summer collection for women 2015.

Since 2010, the Swiss-born designer has been active after he graduated from the Universität der Künste in Berlin. For this reason, returning to Berlin always means a pleasure to him although his brand is based in Zurich. Modern creations are very important to the young Swiss. Nevertheless, he places value on creating designs which exist beyond the mainstream.

He seems to convey these two attributes and values to his wearers. “Just be who you are”, could be the motto of his summer collection. Excitement from head to toe is incorporated into his summer line. Luscious colors and new cuts determine the style. Besides, he adds extravaganza to plain pieces, be it in the form of patterns or colorful accentuations. Provocation is another stylistic device he loves to make use of. Thus, a buttoned up shirt is worn with very short trunks. These daring combinations are what mark Julian’s unprecedented style.

Youthfully interpreted elegance is the secret ingredient here. This special form of grace is based on strong contrasts as well as luscious nuances. The cuts are defined by diversity, pointing to a classical style on the one side and on the other side they can also be extravagant!

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