Hello fellow beauty lovers!


The Essie Luxe Effect nail polishes are finally in store! Those treasures had me from the very first moment. I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of glitter during the holidays? However, I could not seem to decide which color to pick, I had three in total in my hands but opted for none. At home, I found that I had quite the selection of alternatives and decided to see if they’d do the job. And whilst doing so I might as well do a tutorial for you guys. This is a design you could wear on your New Year’s Eve party. I chose the glitter nail polish with the name I’m Dynamite by Catrice.


What you will need:


1x purple polish
1x white glitter polish

Step 1
I personally love the contrast between purple and silver. But you can choose whatever color combination you prefer. Paint all of your nails, with the exception of your accent nail, the color of your choice. The nude accent nail now has to be covered with your glitter polish.

Step 2
Don’t put the polish away just yet though, because you’ll need it for the other nails as well. I decided to gather as much glitter particles as possible in the lower half of my nails. I think that way it still looks really pretty without being “too much”. What do you guys think?

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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