In the year 2009,  Isabell de Hillerinfounded her eponymous fashion label after successfully completing her studies in Barcelona. She then came to Berlin to create and design her fashion here in one of the world’s most pulsating metropolises. There, she will present her fall and winter collection 2015/2016 in January during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, too. It’s the bold minimalism which breathes life into her fashion, marked by a lot of individuality. Clear cuts define the fashion creator’s design landscape paired with elegant structures and symmetries. With these special features, she points to her particular image of the modern woman who she wants to support with her fashion. For the summer collection 2015, I would like to present to you today, the designer relies on flowing fabrics in order to implement this very image of the ideal woman.

Dresses as well as blouses, tops and skirts are determined by smooth fabrics. The lightness bestows an incredible elegant shape upon the designs which all impress with a casual touch. Isabel de Hillerin does not need unnecessary details to bring her designs to life. She creates purist fashion which looks impressive all by itself.

However, single pieces of clothing are refined by draperies, which all intensify the flowing movements of the fabrics. In terms of color, the Berliner designer does not accept compromises. Each piece of clothing features its very own color, from the white blouse to the royal blue evening robe. Soft pastel shades can be found here as well in the summer line. The plain-colored design underlines the minimalist approach furthermore, supporting the unique effect of the whole concept.

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