Günseli Türkays fashion is soften defined by graphics and special prints. Before the foundation of her own label, the designer was hired by Mudo and Mexx for five years. In the year 2009, she then decided to bring her own fashion brand to life in order to implement her individual visions of fashion. Fashion design and art go hand in hand with each other which you can see in the beautiful artful prints which form the highlight of each collection.

Günseli has not failed to impress us with creative creations for the coming summer 2015. Each one of the almost architecturally shaped pieces of clothing was inspired by a type of landscape. Impressive desert pictures or breathtaking photos of mountains can be found on the fabrics in the form of photorealistic prints. These fascinating prints are paired with contemporary, avant-garde cuts to give birth to something very individual.

Be it a blouse dress for women or a suit coat for men – at Türkay, everyone who prefers to dress individually will find a piece which will win his or her heart. Those who place value on unique prints will particularly fall in love with Türkay. Take a look at the luscious desert landscape in red and orange or the soft grey of the mountains which decorate the high-quality fabrics as prints. The violet evening sky is another motif apart from the sunset behind a beautiful mountain. Photorealistic prints turn the plainly cut models into loud eye catchers. I recommend wearing plain-colored pieces with Türkay’s creations to emphasize the extravaganza of the prints.

Inspired by modern art, Günseli Türkay projects art onto fashion. You can look forward to the catwalk show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January because there, artful designs from Turkey await you at this fashion spectacle.

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