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Welcome back to Sexy Friday. Today’s article will cover everything about the kiss.

Young couples kiss more frequently and passionately, but often, more than we might want to admit, the kissing decreases the longer the relationship lasts. Although it is said that we should nurse this beautiful activity the way we nurse our relationships. By the way, a man’s saliva contains the hormone testosterone, which stimulates your boy’s libido. Ergo, who kisses more has better sex.

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Interesting facts about kissing

  • A minute of kissing burns 20 calories
  • The blood pressure rises up to 155 mm Hg.
  • 29 face muscles are being used during a kiss
  • A man’s heartbeat rises up to 110 and a 108 for women
  • The nerve endings inside the lips and tongue transmit stimuli directly over the central nervous system to the genitals
  • According to the Guinness book of records the longest kiss lasted 31 hours, 30 minutes and 31 seconds
  • In Sicilia you’re seen as officially engaged if you kiss in public on the mouth
  • It is said that if you and your partner kiss under a mistletoe your love will last forever

And for all of you, who don’t have a partner to kiss, don’t be sad. The end of the year is approaching. Just grab somebody to kiss at midnight, somebody you like.

I wish you a Sexy Friday with countless kisses under mistletoes.

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