TwinSisterMoon is the solo project of the French artist Ameziane, who also creates music with the duo Natural Snow Building. I seriously am not able to tell you which language TwinSisterMoon uses in her songs. I can’t understand a single word. It sounds to me as if it’s a language of long forgotten days, which oddly enough matches the tunes perfectly because those sound like the background music of shamanistic rituals.

Distorted and yet melodic tunes that almost sound creepy can be heard. You could almost imagine yourself being in the yurt of a shaman in the deep ends of Lapland witnessing a ritual in which he summons the ghosts of his ancestors. Bottom line, the music is full of atmosphere. I admit that it might not be everybody’s cup of tea but everybody will agree on the fact that these tunes are special. The records by TwinSisterMoon are limited but that allowed them to market the albums with beautiful covers, which are pieces of art themselves if you ask me.

For an intense and unforgettable TwinSisterMoon sound experience I suggest you camping out in a tent in the middle of the forest. Cover the tent with leaves, put in a pot filled with steaming water and listen to the mysterious tunes.

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