Jacket • Herr von Eden   Skirt & Top • Valushi     Sneakers • Nike     Rucksack • Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is probably a name everybody has heard of because of the brand’s world-famous boots worn by subcultures all around the world. Everyone who needs cool boots should definitely turn to Dr. Martens. But did you know that Dr. Martens also produces rucksacks for the urban youth? Like the famous boots, the backpacks are made of leather.  And of course, just like the boots, they look incredibly cool.

Black leather gives the rucksacks a laid-back and casual look. And well, not only the leather is black, just everything is black including the zips and the buckles. All-black for your back. It can barely get any more easygoing, urban and fashionable.

The rucksacks are partially marked by a sporty style on the one hand. On the other hand, military elements were incorporated into the designs. Side pockets offer a lot of storage space in order to be prepared for all situations in everyday life, no matter whether it’s just a walk to the nearest kiosk.

For the ideal grunge or a rock outfit, the backpacks are perfect. But they can also be combined with other styles. Dr. Martens backpacks are absolutely recommendable if you are looking for a nice winter accessory.


Photography • Suzana Holtgrave

Makeup • Yvonne Wengler featuring MAC Products

Model Julia • Model Management

Styling • Catharina Gerekos