Behind Barre Noire stands a German designer named Timm Süßbrich, who will show his looks at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January. He knows Berlin inside out because he chose to pursue his studies in this beautiful metropolis. Since 2009, he has worked on his aim to implement his elegant vision of casual fashion. But trust me. the street wear with chic details isn’t only popular in Berlin.

Nevertheless, it’s not only about relaxation or elegance. Timm Süßbrich namely has to offer a lot when it comes to colors and prints. His collections enable you to follow all kinds of fashion styles. They can be worn with basics and still turn your outfit into a real eye catcher. Summer 2015 is getting very colorful and loud, but not too loud, because wearability is still the alpha and omega of the label. Besides, the color palette includes plain beige, wild green, blue and violet, which harmonize with each other beautifully.

Both men and women can wear Barre Noire and hence find an alternative to mainstream fashion. Straight, authentic cuts are combined with playful prints. These also include geometric, floral and animal prints, which stand out of the single-colored pieces. Ensembles made of these contrasts tend polarize, exude a vivid aura and stand out.

Copyright and source: http://barrenoire.de