The assortment by VALUSHI is something for women who are aware of what they’ve got and who want to emphasize their femininity. This is fashion which is body-hugging and extravagant. The dresses are richly adorned and embellished and appear almost baroque, resulting in an image determined by elegance and style. The end product is a woman of extraterrestrial beauty.

Dark colors like anthracite, dark grey and black are complemented by metallic, shimmering elements. On the other hand, you can find natural fabrics in white which are paired with other colors. From my point of view, the collection is marked by a very Venetian character because feathers and fringes are used to decorate the garments which are wrapped around the skirts or attached to masks. Indeed, these stylistic devices stress the Venetian look beautifully. Dresses for a masked ball are provided to give the modern woman something which is just out of this world.

Extravagant cuts bestow a modern touch upon the collection nevertheless. They reveal skin, but certainly not in an excessive way. This can be observed in a coy appearing leather jacket for instance which is defined by a mundane and feminine look.

The collection is only available in a limited edition.


Photography  Suzana Holtgrave

Makeup  Yvonne Wengler featuring MAC Produkts

Model Julia • Model Management

Model Monika • Mega Models

Styling  Catharina Gerekos