is a new website for sports fashion and casual sport looks conquering the market. It offers online shoppers a very precise search option and presents the best sportswear in the internet in top-ten galleries. Right now, 25 categories, each one showcasing 10 top products, await you online. No matter whether you are looking for noble jogging pants, sporty t-shirts worn with blue jeans, hoodies for exercising or your free time or the best running tops – 250 products are waiting to be discovered by you.

Each week, new galleries are added. Behind, two journalists are pulling the strings. They developed a well thought-out point system and seven extremely carefully chosen criteria, which decides whether the product will be presented on the site or not. Quality, customer reviews, sustainable production or trendiness belong to these criteria.

The base of the editorial work is the weekly research in more than 30 online shops, the direct communication with more than 120 labels and the years of journalistic experience the two founders can make use of. Another highlight of the website is the fact that all top-ten galleries are refreshed constantly. If a product is sold out in the online shop listed in the gallery, another online shop with the same product is then incorporated into the gallery. If a product is not available online at all, a new product will be pushed into the top ten list. With this special service, Your-Sportstyle is definitely differentiation from other sites which are presenting fashion.

As from 2015, you will be able to find editorial articles apart from galleries on For this reason, on January 21st which is the Day of the Jogging Pants, a special about this piece of clothing will be posted. In addition, an elaborate special revolving around materials and their attributes are planned as well as a series about the latest sports fashion trends 2015.

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