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          Blouse  Valentine Gauthier

Paris, Paris – the city of lights, of love and the home of Valentine Gauthier, the queen of delicate contrasts. The fashion designer lets urban elegance become one with the hectic urban life in order to create a timeless and elegant look.  Inspired by the urban lifestyle, the turmoil and the sheer energy a city seems to exude, Gauthier has set herself the goal to not only incorporate optical and visual influences into her fashion, but also emotions.

Here, classical structures meet modern chic. Small stylistic breeches in shape, color and silhouette let the fashion appear absolutely modern, innovative and thrilling just like Paris, a city which never seems to stop changing. Indeed, it’s the stylistic breeches which turn the fashion into a real eye catcher. Wearing a new piece by Valentine Gauthier is like gaining a new experience just as if you are entering a new café. Valentine Gauthier motivates us to enter new fashion territory proving that elegant skirts worn with tough bomber jackets can indeed look good.

In the new spring and summer collection 2015, marine and urban designs are mixed in order to contribute to a juvenile, refreshing look. French city life clashes with Italian coast atmosphere, one could say. The result: carefree and summery looks for a wild youth. Dulled pastel shades clash with metallic looks and classical patterns meet extrovert design. Moreover, purely masculine elements are incorporated in order to break through the through and through feminine design, which bestows the certain something upon the fashion. Valentine Gauthier’s fashion is urban, chic and young and full of delicate contrasts.

Information Source: http://www.valentinegauthier.com/


Photography • Suzana Holtgrave

Makeup • Yvonne Wengler featuring Mac products

Model Julia • Model Management

Model Monika • Mega Models

Styling • Catharina Gerekos