The luxurious fashion label Ports 1961 makes the fashion world a better and more importantly prettier place with its timeless designs. The main thing here however, has to be the craftsmanship, which is led by the best designers of Italy. Both the women’s collection as well as the men’s collection is 100% made in Italy, which is a true seal of quality. Not to forget the impeccable choice of fabrics that makes out a huge part of the unique exclusivity of the products.

For spring and summer of 2015 you’ll find tasteful menswear that consists of dark shades like navy and black paired with a natural green shade, topped off with great earthy tones like mustard yellow, brown and beige. The true core of the collection is built on elegant, yet comfortable combinations fit for everyday life, including jeans, pleated trousers or casual cloth pants. Pair them with dress shirts or casual knit sweaters from the collection and you’re good to go.

I would like to divert your eyes to the upper wear for a second because they’re absolutely worth it. Besides your normal coats and jackets, the summer collection also offers an amazing selection of parkas, rainproof jackets and leather jackets. Those are the highlights of the collection and truly are the eye catcher of your whole ensemble. Prominent colors and edgy cuts top the whole thing off. My personal favorite has to be a pullover jacket whose back seam is longer than the front. This kind of cut is totally en vogue again partly because you can create a beautiful layered look with them.

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