Anna Sui  has been around the fashion world for ages and ages and still oozes energy like nobody else. The designer, who originally comes from a small suburb of Detroit, has always been utterly smitten with fashion. At the age of 4 she decided to become what she is today and started to design her own clothes from that moment on. The certain sense of style, talent and passion are beautifully interwoven in Anna Sui’s personality and enable her to create unique collections that represent the numerous facets of Anna herself. Ever since 1981 she presents her creation under her own name.

The summer collection of 2015 is sure to conquer countless fashionista hearts with the true-to-heart vintage charm. An important component of the line is definitely denim of all kinds ranging from sexy shorts to the classic denim jacket. But Anna wouldn’t be Anna if she hadn’t added rhinestones or prominent seams to her creations to ensure an unforgettable look for her pieces. This should have been quite easy for her as she only presented individual masterpieces for the upcoming summer.

Those were predominately made out of velvet on which patterns, striking colors and cheeky cuts were used to bring in the needed oomph. The whole collection can be described with something along the lines of “romantic country style” due to the vintage inspired designs, feminine elements like bows, cute knots and timid cut-outs as well as floral allover prints and metallic shimmer looks.

The rather dim color palette, which is almost entirely based on pastel shades was also used for the menswear. Even the manliest man will find something from long past days packaged in indescribable fashion which will be to his liking. Flower Power shirts bring back old memories as well as forgotten trends. They remind us of the crazy outfits Marc Bolan, lead singer of “Rolling Stones”, wore on stage.

Anna Sui, for him & her – Fashion News 2014/15 Fall & Winter



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