Just like other established designers, Lena Voutta tends to literally absorb any inspiration her home city can give her to incorporate this inspiration into her fashion. Here, she feels home – in Berlin, THE German and European center for partying, music and fashion. As a metropolis Berlin is popular for its uniqueness because here time runs differently. The city is full of art, cultural aspects and an endless number of possibilities. There aren’t many designers who are able to reflect this unique lifestyle like Lena Voutta.

She herself is 27 years young and graduated in the year 2013. Since then, she has been working as a designer for Rike Feuerstein. During her studies, Lena succeeded in making herself a name, being a finalist in countless design competitions and presenting her designs at fashion events. Seeing and looking at fashion in a very unprecedented way, she creates fashion which exists beyond the mainstream. Trust me, this lady will face a steep career.

Looking at the stylistic attributes, you can say that Lena is always eager to present innovative approaches to us. Each one of her pieces of clothing can be considered a kind of artwork which itself is complete and does not need anything else to fully appeal o its beholder. Nevertheless, the single pieces of the collection are of course connected to each other.

Geometrical structures and he sophisticated play with voluminous shapes represent the main aspects of the designer’s fashion, complemented by the extremely smart choice of colors and refined by lovely details. Lena’s style is refreshing, delicate, glamorous and playful. Each outfit seems to be completely perfect down to the smallest detail, no matter what kind of style it represents, be it sensual, girly or even rocking.

Copyright and Source: http://www.lenavoutta.com