The search for inspirations for the spring and summer collection took Vivienne Westwood on a journey through photos and images of past decades. She looked at photos of children who are playing on the British beaches in the 70ies. She then created connections between these photos and American Indian art because the pixilated graphics Vivienne examined reminded her of the native American culture which became the topic of her summer collection.

The special attribute of this collection indeed is the use of diverse techniques. Different ways of printing were used for instance. Besides, the British designer experimented with materials, cutting edges and color fringes. The result of all these elements is definitely enjoyable to look at: a colorful mixture of exclusive suits, crocheted tops, patterned shorts and oversize shirts. The comparison of elegant pieces of clothing with discreet details and crazy statement pieces seems absolutely precise and on-spot and can be called fashion-forward. Apart from masculine chic you can also find hippie elements, vintage denim styles and sporty designs here. Dulled colors are incorporated into noble designs, whilst the awesome street wear shines in luscious neon colors.

All in all, the well thought-out design meets the contemporary taste of our modern era and offers the modern man enough space for living out his passion for fashion. From my point of view it’s especially the breathtaking prints which bring creativity and passion to life.



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