Because of the radical attitude towards fashion, the former teacher Vivienne Westwood used to be called the Queen of punk. Her fashion career began after the birth of her second child. Together with her then husband McLaren, the British designer opened a Boutique in London in the year 1971 with which she wanted to create a style outside the hippie scene. Ten years later, the first professional collection under the name “Pirates” hit the markets. Today, the name Vivienne Westwood stands for more than just punk. She is considered one of the most crucial and influential contemporary designers in the world! In completely different lines, Vivienne proves her competence and creativity, be it high fashion or street wear. I am going to present to you the bridal fashion of this extraordinary fashion creator.

Five completely different but equally graceful wedding dresses await the bride. Three of these shine in a bright white, the other two dresses on the other hand are colored in soft brown. Each dress features individual special attributes and is marked by its own distinct charm and style. The Elisabeth Wedding Dress for instance impresses with numerous tulle layers which form the voluminous protruding puff sleeves as well as the bell-shaped skirt. Defined by a waisted cut and a preppy turtle neck, the purist masterpiece is drawing us under its spell with incredible sophistication.

One of the brown robes consists of a special material called Faille which is marked by a special surface structure and texture. Due to these special attributes, the shape of the dress can be determined precisely, whilst incorporated pleats as well as overlapping layers transform the dress into something which is just out of this world. Broad straps and the seductive, deep, decorative slit contribute to a big helping of sensuality in addition.

In this way, each one of the dresses is through and through unique. But they all have one thing in common: the on-spot and sophisticated design.


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