Jean Paul Gaultier was able to defend his reputation as the Enfant Terrible anew with his summer collection 2015. His creations are wild, stormy and sexy.  Nevertheless, they can be considered complex and sophisticated, marked by classiness and stylishness. The adventurous journey through the latest women’s wear leads us past graceful, fashionable treasures but also through experimental fields. The destination is however breathtaking sensuality. Jean Paul Gaultier launched the eponymous label in the year and has been playing in the top league of the fashion world since then.

It is hard to describe the huge, multi-faceted summer line with mere words because, actually, each one of the countless outfits deserves an individual description. Gaultier created a summer line which offers clothing for all kinds of situations and occasions. Incredible contrasts can be discovered here which are like day and night. Classical, preppy designs in the form of pinstripe women’s suits can be found here for instance which emphasize your femininity and make you look chic in your everyday and business life. But then, you discover crazy pieces made of colorful fabrics with patterns and prints. Some of them are marked by a Gypsy flair while others appear sporty and laid-back. Further creations deal with the topic Rock’n’Roll including leather jackets, jeans with a sexy lacing and sensual jeans vests.

The topic denim was included masterfully in the collection and became part of the gypsy side of Gaultier’s fashion. This trend is paired with countless sequins, ruffles and patterns and then is turned into something explosive. Apart from pieces of clothing with glamorous effects and lace, elegant outfits with extraordinary cuts form the climax of the collection: Blazers which only cover one breast, evening robes which kind of segue into blazers or even biker coats are just some examples.

Jean Paul Gaultier succeeded in creating just another incredible collection which simply takes our breath away.

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