adidas  is celebrating the birthplace of Leo Messi with the new football shoe mirorsar 10. The shoe is devoted to the Argentinean city Rosario in which Messi discovered football as his religion before he set out into the world to become one of the most successful players in the world.

The term mirorsar stems from the Spanish language and is loosely translated to “my Rosario”. The number 10 stands for the number on the back of Leo Messi which graces his tricot in his soccer club as well as in Argentinia’s national football team. The orange color on the design is symbolizing the colors of Grandoli FC, the first soccer club Leo Messi joined. The green color stands for the local rivals which Messi managed to beat in his first official game ever by scoring 4 incredible goals. Furthermore, you can find a map of Rosario printed on the shoe insert.

In the past years, the winner of four Ballon d’Or succeeded in going down in soccer history and engraving himself into historical sports books all around the world. Messi is considered one of the most successful soccer players all time. At the age of 27, the striker could score more than 400 goals in total. The mirorsar10 will therefore hit the markets to celebrate the place where everything began: Rosario, Argentinia.

The adidas Messi mirorsar10 has been available since December 1st in selected adidas shops and online on

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