Hey mate,

The day has finally come. Only one day would separate me from Australia. I was really excited, because I’ve never flown such a long distance alone. Yeah, a trip to Down Under can take 24h +! And it’s really nothing for the faint-hearted individuals. As I really didn’t want to transfer several times and in order to save some time, I paid a „little more“ so that I only had to change flights once. In the end, this fun trip costs 1400.00 bucks, which is not a bargain at all…

My flight started at Tegel Airport. As always, I happen to get under time pressure even though I had left early! Traffic jam can ruin everything. And this is why, I had to suffer panic attacks like every tim I travel. Fortunately, we still arrived on time. However, my friends didn’t manage to get to the airport in time because of the S-Bahn strike and because the BVG was just too overchallenged. That’s why we couldn’t say goodbye to each other. Kind of sad, isn’t it? You’re waiting for your friends to say goodbye, but no one is coming. A situation like this was very typical of my life, but I was happy that at least mommy and my sister were with me.

My first flight was by AirBerlin and I have to say that it was pretty convenient. I had an entire 4-seats-row for myself and the stewardesses were very friendly. I even liked the meals, which I normally hate. Since everything went so well, I knew something bad would have to happen soon. My instincts didn’t lie to me. And so, we arrived late at Abu Dhabi, which means we had to wait hours until they opened the doors and the bus took years to drive to the airport. I was still feeling weak because of my cold. Nevertheless, I had to pull myself together and run like a crazy chicken. I had to push other people away, which I really dislike. I panicked and screamed out loud that they all should please check my luggage first. BUT then, I had to realize that boarding had not even started yet. People were still standing in the queue and I was standing there like an idiot, sweating like mad. And on top of that, my nose was running too.

And to top everything off, I was allowed to sit between two men, forced to squeeze myself into the narrow seat provided by Etihad airways. We even arrived with two hours delay. In Sydney, I was picked up by a pick-up service who even charged me an extra fee because of the circumstances.

Result: I arrived safely; I was warmly welcomed and I learned that I shouldn’t book flights without the necessary transfer time.



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