If you’re into fashion, you surely have noticed that the fringe look is absolutely en vogue right now. I’d like to show you how to style this new trend and which designer pieces would suit best. Fringes are actually known for bringing in vigor as well as nonchalance. Now, it depends on how you combine your pieces but you can achieve a Western look, the Bohemian look or even the Hippie look.

The rough fall season additionally brings in opportunities to actually rock the fringe look because fringes are besides cardigans, ponchos and capes true staples for the fall due to the urbanity and glamour they ensure. At this time of year, you’re most likely to spot this new trend in combination with slightly darker shades, earthy tones as well as mustard yellows and the obligatory Aztecs print. Contrary to that is the playful and romantic option you could choose to really sport the floral vibe. But this trend didn’t develop overnight. You could already see traces of on bikinis and crop shirts, which have been popular for a longer time.

The best part though is the sheer amount of possibilities to style the new trend and still look completely different in each outfit. For instance, if you, let’s say, were to combine a dark fringe poncho with skinny jeans and heels, you’ll look completely different if you were to combine a fringe top with sneakers. If that turns out to be slightly too much, you could still opt for something lighter, like accessories with fringes e.g. boots, pumps and handbags made out of smooth or suede leather.


Designers like Valentino for example are also already on the band wagon towards fringe-ville. The brand turned this little trend into something very “Valentino”. He designed edgy fringe jackets and coats with attached butterflies on them.


Image Rights: www.valentino.com/

Marni also included fringes next to the use of feathers in their Fall and Winter Collection to further highlight the feminine, elegant and high-quality look of the brand. Skirts with fringes in a very autumnal golden brown showed our fringes at their best.

Bildquelle: www.marni.com

Das Label Steinrohner setzt mit zarten Designs eher auf die romantische Wirkung der Fransen, die sich in der Obscure-Kollektion in hellen Farben, zwischen sanften Drapierungen und Raffungen so richtig wohl fühlen. Auch Simay Bülbül, bekannt für ihre Ledermode, nutzt in ihrer Herbstkollektion Fransen als vorherrschendes Stilmittel, mit dem sie die galanten Gewänder im Stil der 20er und 30er Jahre individualisiert.


Image Rights: steinrohner.com/ and simaybulbul.com/

Steinrohner tried a whole different angle by betting on the more romantic side of fringes. Incorporated into the “ Obscure” Collection including light shades and soft draperies they look absolutely stunning. And Simay Bülbül, known for her leather fashion, used fringes as a dominant stylistic device to individualize elegant robes in the style of the 20’s and 30’s.


Not only the designers collection show how versatile the new trend can be.