Blouse JOOP!      |    Rock Nylon Berlin       |     Jacket by Bernard’ by Bernhard Hohmann

Straw Hat KIESEL     |     Riding Boots  Michael Kors

This outfit reminds us of soft colors and a breezy flightiness as well as the beauty of fall and summer. To make the best of those last sun rays, get your straw hat out and show your naked knees to the world. This straw hat by KIESEL is a great accessory, which harmonizes perfectly with a tailor made jacket by ‘by Bernard’.

Nylon Berlin keeps the outfit playful whilst JOOP! brings in a cool and casual touch with the white blouse. The boots by Michael Kors round things off as they are the perfect all-rounder. You can practically wear them to everything, they always manage to stand out and yet blend in with the rest of the outfit perfectly – they’re real classics!



Image Rights: Lalique de Lalique


Nail Design & Makeup


Photographer: Dirk Schaper
Model: Fränzi Czurratis