Carly Margolis began an inner journey when she decided to leave New York and retreat to the mountains to get a break from the everyday life. She’s been traveling around the States and Peru ever since, with nothing but her intuition to lead her. The force she felt leading her” has to be the entity which inspired her to found her label. She creates jewelry that breathes life into topics with mythological and apocalyptical origins.  She also uses those sources and turns it into art and music as part of her little gallery called “The Sacred Door”.

Her art portfolio involves jewelry, household appliances and textiles as well as paintings. The one thing they all have in common is the palpable mystical inspiration within. Especially the jewelry reminds us of the culture and temple of South-American Aborigines. Her collections have names like “Mothership” or “Sacred Mountain”, which both play important roles in terms of mythologies, religion and science fiction. Her artwork is often expressed through geometric forms, which morph the living things into two-dimensional objects. It kind of reminds us of painting techniques of Aborigines.

Carly Margolis deals with faith and prophecies in her work. She incorporates legends and transforms her knowledge into beautiful art and incredible jewelry. Especially the rings look like you just discovered a real treasure from an archaeological site.



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