LPD stands for „Les Plus Dorés“, which means “The ones, that are loved the most”. The young label, which was founded only two years ago, in 2012, dedicated itself to a mix of high-end fashion and New Yorker street style. As for marketing they brilliantly made use of big names in the fashion industry printed on basketball tees to catch the attention of renowned magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar as well as numerous blogs, which conveyed the spirit of the young label all over the world.

In today’s article, I’d like to present to you a Fall/Winter collection of 2014 although I know that many of you really don’t like to think about winter just yet, though the latest collection by LPD might change your mindset. The designs are inspired by this year’s baseball season and are accordingly quite sporty. With the addition of silvery masks which the mannequins are wearing in the campaign the brand managed to catapult the whole line into the future. Women will be incredibly pleased with both the oversized t-shirts and the short, tight dresses. Fur elements and cheeky fringes act as great details in this connection. The menswear is a little bit on the edgier side and is defined by the use of black and ripped up jeans, sometimes even sheer t-shirts. Furthermore, one or two multicolored jackets can be discovered here as well and keep the male wearer warm and cozy.

LPD gained a great reputation by making the big brands a little bit more accessible by bringing in a more casual street style. Nowadays the label focuses more on their own brand identity whilst pleasing their clients with wearable, yet unusual fashion.



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