Hello fellow beauty lovers.

Are you ready to get chatty on this beautiful Friday? I am beyond relieved that the week’s finally over and that we’re looking at a beautiful weekend. To round off the hopefully productive week I’d like to show you some, admittedly quite shocking trends in  the body modification scene. Now, I am aware that we have had a couple of those, all equally bizarre, over the past few months. But the ones today I refuse to overlook because they really are outstanding and makes me kind of question the mentality of mankind.


Trend No #1 – Eyeball Jewelry

This woman from New York stated that she paid $3000 to get a jewel  implanted into her eye. The motivation? To stand out from the rest. The doctor started off by injecting an anaesthetic into the woman’s eye to numb it. Then he made an incision in order to create a pocket in between the sclera and conjunctiva for the little piece of jewelry. After only a minute the whole procedure was done. The woman who underwent this surgery hopes that she has now acquired a trait which makes her unique on this planet. Well, she definitely gets points for creativity and effort.

Trend No #2 Magnetic Implants

Well, isn’t that something? Body modifications have been circulating the crowd for several years now. The trend even caught up to “biohackers”, who make use of the possibility of modifying your body not for cosmetic purposes. Well, now can now insert a neodymium magnet, the tips of your fingers. Although they aren’t strong enough to destroy credit cards or hard drives, they allow their users to actually sense electric fields. Dann Berg was one of the brave men, who went through the procedure and he claimed that this allowed him to become interactive with his environment on a whole other level.

Trend No#3 Eye Tattoos

Everything that has to do with procedures on the eyes gives me the creeps. That’s probably the reason why I felt obliged to show you the following trend: eye tattoos.

This young man was on the expedition to try out something new. He got tired of mere body tattoos and went the extra mile. Yes, he got his eyeballs tattooed. The procedure includes applying ink between the conjunctiva and sclera layer. That turned the white sclera of his eyes dark. A special syringe-like needle was used to permanently inject it into the man’s eyes. Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos who underwent this modification, claimed that he cried ink for two days.

And here I thought Face tattoos were the limit.



It’s no secret that people want to stand out. That’s only natural considering there are 7 billion people roaming earth’s surface. To what extent some are willing to go is to me quite an eye opener. But I am of the opinion that you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm anybody but yourself. I personally would not go such lengths, but that’s the chicken in me talking, I suppose.

What about you, guys? What do you think about those new “trends”?

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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