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Christian Louboutin, the famous shoe and bag designer, gives the world the most iconic shoes of all times. The red soles are his trademark and paired with the rather random history of how the shoes received said trademark it’s not surprising that those facts form the base for his first beauty line. You see, whilst creating his shoes he noticed a dark patch on the soles of one of his products. At the same time a colleague of his was painting her nails red. The epiphany hit him like Zeus’ thunderbolt. He grabbed the bottle, painted the sole red and the very first Louboutins were born.

So when people were suggesting a fragrance line as a new project, he declined, claiming that it was something he didn’t have any relation to. The idea to incorporate nail polishes into his beauty line however was something which pleased him instantly. So after two years of work his new nail polish line has finally hit the stores. 31 shades were launched. 30 polishes are divided into 3 color families. “The Noirs” include 10 dark shades where else “The Nudes” represent10 lighter, more natural shades. The third color family  is “The Pops” containing 10 bold and vivid colors. The highlight of the collection is without any doubt the “Rouge Louboutin” – the classic Red. Today, however, we will talk exclusively about the “Loubi Under Red Nail Color Pen” – a genius polish which is completely different from the rest.


Outer Appearance | “Loubi Under Red Nail Color Pen”

Well, the bottle is just marvellous if you ask me. You wouldn’t expect less from a high-ranked designer such as Christian Louboutin. The “Loubi Under Red Nail Color Pen” is also not your everyday kind of product. It has an extremely thin felt tip applicator and is very delicate.


The Product | “Loubi Under Red Nail Color Pen”

The form and thickness of the tip is connected with a very special purpose. It is meant to be used underneath the nail to create the “Louboutin” effect mirroring his trademark shoes. With great care you can achieve a beautiful look providing you have long enough nails and use an opaque polish on the other side of the nail. The vibrancy of the color is truly palpable. The fact that it stays kind of hidden underneath your nail unless you really do pay attention is indeed marvellous. It’s for those keen eagle eyes of true Fashionistas.  But of course, you can also apply it on the upper side of your nail because the thin applicator is also perfect for creating delicate embellishments on your nail. I would love, love to get my hands on that pen, even if it’s just to hold the tiny bottle in my fingers.


Overall impression | “Loubi Under Red Nail Color Pen”

I personally think that Christian Louboutin outdid himself, again. I might be a little bit biased because I usually love everything that carries the name “Louboutin”. But I truly think that this beauty line including the nail pen is a special treat for every woman out there.

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Lana Hoang

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