As to why you should visit the place I don’t really now but I suppose it’s just too crazy not to do it. Who here doesn’t get the creeps when hearing scary stories about getting lost and starve to death…? ‘The Gates to Hell’, that’s what the Urban common parlance is calling it. Behind it are entrances to the canalization and to the storm protection facility in Clifton, New Jersey. Right after surpassing the entrance you won’t be able to see the sunlight, only darkness will embrace you whilst you explore the huge net of tunnels, passages, dead ends and refuge compartments.

Say heavy rainfalls occur in a part of the net of tunnels; you could drown to death even if you’re miles away from the exact place, where it happens. The water here does run weird ways. But that’s just one of the dangers that await you down there because people also talk about resistant smells – smells of certain creatures that lurk around in the darkness. They also talk about satanic occults that acquire human sacrifices and that are being held down in the canalizations. Skulls, crucifixes, pentacles, human bones, mystical languages and other things that distort the human nature and your soul haunt the catacombs.

The net goes 7 storeys downwards and never did one single soul explore everything and survive to tell the tale. It is indeed huge! Light will disappear, your supply will diminish and your sense of orientation will be worth nothing until you reach the surface… if you manage to reach it at all.

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