Missoniwas originally founded by the married couple Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. In the 60ies, the brand was particularly experiencing an extreme growth in popularity and indeed reached the top of the fashion industry. Specializing in knitwear and a colorful color palette, the traditional fashion house is still playing in the upper league of the fashion world. Today, the brand is run by the children of the married couple.

In the latest collection for the fall and winter 2014/2015, women can enjoy garment which are marked by a sporty touch. Men will discover fairly athletic, imaginative fashion as well by the way. The entire women’s collection on which I want to focus today is defined by the goal to offer pleasant, comfortable clothing with a lot of style. For this undertaking, the designer team chose a very special type of woman as their muse. Said type of woman lives in an urban environment and pursues a very active daily rhythm, placing value on a lot of mobility and freedom of action. She wants to look chic. At the same time, comfort is very crucial to her because her lifestyle is only manageable when she feels good in her clothing. At Missoni, this special lifestyle is reflected by the diverse color palette. Within the looks, there is always at least one bright color paired with more discreet nuances.

For the fall and winter collection, the designers incorporated many oversize designs into the women’s wear which is particularly characterized by loose-cut pants. The pockets underline the casual and slightly masculine style and furthermore provide enough storage space – very practical indeed. Missoni is presenting itself in a colorful light for the fall and winter season as usual. And of course, it’s again the knitwear standing in the center of the design concept. Despite the richness of colors, the designs are relatively calm and therefore perfect for an active everyday life.


Missoni, for women Spring & Summer Collection 2014

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