Hello my lovelies,

In my last article, I introduced the Sedona Method to you. First off, thank you for your e-mails concerning this topic and thank you for your feedback. I would love to talk about this special method once more, describing my personal experiences with said psychological strategy. Those who missed my previous post, should click here.

Raphael told me that he found this method extremely interesting. However, he also told me that he usually doesn’t think of the Sedona method in the right situations. The right questions simply don’t pop up in his mind.

Dear Raphael. I can really understand you. Maybe the following piece of advice will help you. Why don’t you store a piece of paper with these questions in your purse in case you get into a situations where you can make use of the Sedona method.

Marie wrote another e-mail to me. Her boss is a really unpleasant guy, who seems to have severe addiction problems. Well, the latter information however is not relevant because you can’t change other people, you can only change yourself. Marie described a situation where her boss screamed at her in front of all her colleagues because she supposedly made a mistake when she did some accounting works. On the verge of crying, she remembered my article and tried the method. Under no circumstances did she want to cry and let him humiliate her.

Thus, she asked herself, can she accept this feeling? Her answer was clear. NO! She was so angry and felt wrongfully treated. Nonetheless, she didn’t want this feeling to overcome her and to make her feel week and vulnerable. Nevertheless, it happened to her that she came to consider these emotions right and healthy. She thought about it and decided that she would have found it worse to feel nothing. Therefore, she changed her answer to YES.

Then she asked herself the second question. Can she let go of this feeling? She spontaneously answered NO. However, then she focused on this particular feeling in her body, it indeed felt like a lump in her throat. But it became less threatening.

Then she arrived the third question. Can she now let go of this feeling? Yes. Since she already asked herself this question, she was sure that this anger didn’t make any sense. She didn’t need this anger. If she had the choice to rid herself of it, she would let it go.

The fourth question was. When? When would you let go of it?

Marie then described the clearness which overcame her mind and she said to herself that she would like to rid herself of this anger. Her focus was placed on the here and now and she was extremely surprised that she felt absolutely relieved now. Her fury was now gone. She was able to endure this situation. Then she explained that she was now even capable of thinking about how to solve this situation, deciding to talk about this incident with her boss. She wanted to tell him that he behaved wrongfully.

With Marie’s permission, I would like to quote one of her last sentences:

„I never thought that this strange method would work. But now I am definitely convinced of its effect. It really does help to think more clearly and to prevent oneself from falling into an emotional chaotic abyss!”

Winnie is another dear reader who wrote to me. She made use of this method when she argued with her boyfriend. Winnie described that she would usually totally snap and freak out. But instead, she decided to breathe in and out. She disappeared into the restroom and searched for the Sedona Method with her phone. Leaving this situation already helped her become clearer. She asked herself the Sedona questions and was able to calm down completely.

I also received an e-mail from Timo who thinks that this method is bollocks, asking who the hell would think about it in a stressful situation. Dear Timo, everyone is different. At least, the Sedona method represents another possibility to act in certain situations. Whether we decide to make use of it or net is something the individual should decide.

Well, thanks for reading my post. I wish you a nice week!


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