What you’ll need:

1x burgundy red polish
1x silver polish
1x golden polish
1x dotting tool or the end of a brush

After the warm October, we now officially entered the fall season weather-wise, which is why we should unpack our classics amongst the fall colors and get to work.

Step 1
This season requires a deep burgundy red as a staple in our bags. Paint all of your nails that color to create today’s base coat.

Step 2
The second step involves a silver polish and a brush or a dotting tool. Take a white sheet of paper and put one or two drops of polish on it. Dip your dotting tool or brush in it and begin forming the first leaf on your nails. It has five sharp points, two on each sides and one on the top. One little stem on the bottom and you’re finished with the first leaf.

Step 3
For a more interesting look, incorporate a second color into your manicure. Gold is a staple in the fall time. Create the following leaves with this color. Place them next to your previous ones or let them overlap.

That’s basically it for today’s manicure Monday, guys!
It doesn’t have to be complicated, right? Let’s keep it light.

Have fun recreating!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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