Hello fellow beauty lovers.

You can find beauty in all sizes, forms and colors; sometimes even or especially in the lack of such. Models with albinism have been turning the fashion and beauty business upside down and showed us that beauty has multiple faces. The lack of color in skin, eyes and hair is a condition caused by a disorder in melanin production. Approximately 1 out of 17,000 people are born with this defect. They are the ones in the model biz that make the most noise without even having to say a single word. They grace catwalks and billboards, are featured in campaigns and photo shootings. Models with albinism have gathered a rather large fan base in the past few years because they convey the message that you can be beautiful without having to adapt to society’s view and opinion of what is beautiful today. You can be yourself. You can be different and beautiful at the same time.

16-year-old Natsya Kumarova is despite her young age a little starlet in the fashion industry. She is the one that captured me and caused me to deal with this topic intensively. Her beauty is palpable and clearly visible through the countless pictures thanks to the amount of emotions she delivers in a blink of an eye.

But these pale beauties don’t lead an easy life. Especially Albinos living in Africa have to face and overcome the opinions of their own African people which are – and I’m being serious about this – very dangerous. That’s a separate issue I want to address in another article. So please do not hesitate to come back to next week’s Friday ChitChat.

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Lana Hoang

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