Dress & Vest, Stefanie Barz, Jewelry by vaporetta

Stefanie Barz is cosmopolitan Berliner girl and a costume and fashion designer from Germany’s fashion capital, who graduated from the art university Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin in fashion design after spending some time in London, Rotterdam and New York. Today, she is working and implementing her visions of fashion in Berlin. Stefanie Barz is always placing the focus on integrating and embedding of newly acquired inspiration, which form the base of her conceptual and aesthetics decisions, into her fashion. Her style indeed has any faces, it can be of theoretical, visual or even musical nature like the last collection Audio>Vision.

At the moment, she is developing a concept which is questioning the significance of the production process of a piece of clothing. The possible answers open up new possibilities in design. Innovative shapes, revolutionary materials will cause the beholder and wearer to face up with what she is wearing. Stefanie’s artistic statement “Audio>Vision” only came into existence by collaborating with musicians and by creating elaborate conceptual illustrations beforehand.




Photographer : right/middle: Marc Nolte
left: Erik Fischer

Stefanie Barz, ‘Audio > Vision’ Illustration

Stefanie Barz, ‘Audio > Vision’ Collektion, Photographer: Florian Penke



Stefanie Barz



Cacharel ‘Noa’

Copyright and Source:  Douglas.de/Cacharel



      Makeup & Nail Design   



Dunja Antic

Catharina Gerekos, Readthetrieb

Leaf at Izaio Models

 Hair & Makeup
Yvonne Wengler (MAC Cosmetics)