What you’ll need:

1x white polish
1x black striper
1x glitter polish in gold
1x dotting tool or the end of a brush or a toothpick


Step 1
Start off with a crisp white polish. Two coats should suffice.

Step 2
The second step includes the black striper. This is the tool we’ll need to create the feathers. You can actually place the feather on the nails differently. Just place a long and curvy line on all of your nails. it doesn’t matter in which corner you will start drawing the line which will depict the quill. I often started in the left corner and dragged the line diagonally over the nail.

Step 3
With a light hand, create fine strokes on the line you painted on your nail to illustrate the little feather branches. It should be very subtle and light to ensure the feathery look of the manicure.

Step 4
Now the real magic happens. Take your glitter polish and your dotting tool if you need and brighten up the whole look by adding the golden glitter onto your nails. You can seal everything in by using a top coat. and your nail design is done!


Enjoy your beautiful fall nail design!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

Copyright and Source: Readthetrieb