The Brazilian artist Monica Piloni truly made a name for herself in her Latin-American home country. Well, I’m not surprised. And I hope that she will soon establish herself on the European market as well. Although looking at her artful works sends a cold shiver down your spine, they really grave themselves into your memory because her anatomically surreal sculptures appear like human nightmares which have become reality. The objects and creatures which move and crawl in the form of sculptures are made to make you feel uneasy.

Beings with multiple limbs, headless doppelgangers, twisted mimics, monsters with human faces and hybrid creatures belong to her favorite subjects. But the most frightening aspect is not the monstrous which is depicted, but the emotionless, clinically dead character they exude. This is the component which robs them the last bit of humaneness. Indeed, these sculptures are nightmares which have come true.

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