Here comes the bride, here comes the bride!

Spring, summer, fall and winter – 365 days in the year, you are waiting to be invited to a wedding. But seriously, it almost seems as if the cold and snowy winter days are on the guest list as well. Damn it. Indeed, there some people who see this as an opportunity to live out the Russian winter fairytale of a snow queen. Whether this will work out in Germany perfectly however is very unclear. This is why many couples decide to get married in late summer or in spring because the weather is something you usually don’t have to care about much these seasons. Getting married in fall and winter? It’s like playing Russian roulette.

This is exactly why we are wondering… what are the bridal trends for 2015? We ran the extra mile through the cold and the snow, following the traces, the fashion world left behind, to find out what attributes will define the perfect bride for the coming year. One very crucial platform for bridal wear indeed is the Barcelona Bridal Week, followed by the New York Bridal Week. With one eye turned to the creations of established designers like Vivienne Westwood and with the other eye facing commercial trends, we concluded that our Bridal look 2015 represents a symbiosis of a down-to-earth look and the traditional, classical, elegant chic which every traditional bride is dreaming of. But instead of going all white, the bride chooses colorful statement colors like fuchsia which she incorporates into her dress in the form of discreet highlights like pearls. Furthermore, nuances between red and violet blue perfectly reflects the blooming of the flowers in the spring. But if you want to get married in the summer, fall or winter, these colors will be ideal as well and let you shine like you have never shined before.


Are you in the Mood?

Katja Wassermeyer (Cover)
Sandra Klietz & Marc Schmid (Making-of & Studio Shoots)
Makeup & Hair: Anna Luft, Readthetrieb
Model: Virginia L. @ Accando Models
Dress: Eliyzi Couture


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