Hey, party peeps!

Well, soon it’s this time of the year again. On October 31st, the ghosts and monsters will come out to play because it’s Halloween! Well, here we go again. We have to face the question: What costume will I wear? Do I even want to disguise myself? Will I choose the old-fashioned Freddy Krüger Mask made of plastic from the super market I got for 6.90€ or will I spend some more money on Halloween and buy a more eye-catching costume which will guarantee a memorable performance? To all those Freddy Krügers out there who want to dress to impress: Good luck, won’t happen. All those on the other hand, who like it glamorous, lavish and incredibly spooky, will love the online shop I discovered for you. Atixo is available on amazon, ebay and co. This costume shop offers sexy vampire and hot witch costumes. To perfect your look, just put on appropriate makeup. I mean, Halloween makeup tutorials are a dime in a dozen, particularly around this time of the year.

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Question 2: Where am I going to celebrate Halloween? Will I roam the city and go clubbing with some friends, will I throw a party at home or will I just go to bed at 22:00 like a good girl? Well, at least there is one thing I know for sure: I’ll definitely go to Rust, a city in Baden Wurttemberg to enjoy the Marc Terenzi Horror Nights. I can tell you that even the hardcore horror fans will pee their pants there. Be it in “Zombie Ville” where a masked man with a chainsaw is following you or the “China Restaurant” or the “Mine” where ghosts are creeping up on you and whispering things into your ears. You will get goose bumps, that I can assure you! In order to keep a certain level of drunkness, bloody syringes with red vodka will be provided to you. When I was there the last time, Marc gave me a piece of advice. Call your friends and make them form a circle. Take a vodka syringe and inject the vodka into the mouth of the person on the right next to you who will repeat this process with the person next to him and so forth. After four syringes, you will realize that it is getting more and more difficult to keep this up. Super freaking funny drinking game, I can tell you!

What belongs to Halloween as well? Well, carving pumpkins of course, especially if you have kids. Kids love carving funny faces into or out of this very healthy vegetable. After cleaning up the mess, you can take the entrails of the pumpkin and cook a delicious soup for daddy. This way, everyone can benefit from this very popular tradition. Don’t forget to buy the sweets for the kids who will knock on your door on Friday while you are watching movies like Scream for the sixth time or so. Well, open the door for the little monsters and ghosts who want treats because you definitely don’t want to get tricked.



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