Hello my lovelies,

Welcome back to the latest Sexy Friday. Today, I’m going to talk about Tinder. This free dating  app compatible with all kinds of smartphones no matter if they run on Android or IOS is probably the talk of the town. You just need Facebook to use this app because it automatically connects with your Facebook account.

Tinder displays you different Facebook Profile Pictures. If you like the photo you see, you click on the green heart. If not, you tap the red cross. If the person who you have given a heart liked your photo as well, Tinder allows you to communicate. This is especially very beneficial for those who usually get bombed with messages on online dating sites. In addition, you can see whether you and your object of interest have mutual interests or Facebook friends on Tinder.

Well, speaking of Tinder, I should tell you about the experiences my friends made with this app. As many of you probably know, the Tattoo Convention took place in Berlin recently. There I met my friend Tina on a Saturday. She just got a new tattoo on the underarm which depicted a kind of huge butterfly with stars. Well, she loves it, others probably don’t. I asked her where she had it done, which led to Tina telling me a very extraordinary story about a Tinder date. On Tinder she got to know a tattoo artist from LA who brought her to his hotel room after a drink in a bar to practice for the tattoo conenvtion.

Angela too had some nice dates with the help of Tinder. One guy who particularly sparked her interest is Fridolin. But whether this relationship will work out is still something only the stars know.

In the end, I decided to give Tinder a try. It didn’t took long until I had a few matches. Soon, I met a guy called Rob, a really nice young guy from Israel. We drank wine and played some guitar music in the park. On the coming Tuesday, I’m going to meet a girl named Maria to do some Yoga with her.

Well, I think this app is pretty interesting. But you have to be careful. In general, you don’t really know who you are meeting. This is why you should go into a Tinder date without any expectations. To my surprise and shock, I recognized some acquaintances and neighbors on Tinder. One guy for instance is married and the father of three very charming little kids. Another person I definitely recognized was my ex boyfriend. At least I can just click him away.

In addition, you can adjust several parameters, including the radius within the potential partner is allowed to communicate with you.

All in all, this app really is fun. In addition, those who aren’t interested in serious relationships, will definitely find many individuals who think the same way.

Well, if you don’t have plans on your sexy Friday, but in the mood for partying or a drink shared with a likable second person, I really recommend this app to you.



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