Not so long ago, my girls had their first day at school. Finally!

Pre-school for the kids in England actually begins at an age of 4 and in the very first week of school they are ought to go there for two hours a day. That means for me, two hours a day in a nearby coffee shop. So you could say waiting is actually part of my daily agenda as an au-pair. So I decided to really use that time to collect new impressions and experiences for you guys. My first stop was a little coffee shop called Caffè Saicaf opposite the school. It looked quite plain and small, exactly what I like. You go in, order something at the counter, whilst a small corridor leads to the seats.

20140909_112640   20140909_105247

I ordered myself a Soya Latte, which surprisingly enough I never had before. I think everyone has certain preferences when it comes to food or drinks. I’m clearly a creature of habit true to the saying: “Was der Bauer nicht kennt, frisst er nicht”, which means: „What the peasant doesn’t know of, won’t be eaten”. But that day I opted for a Latte for £ 2.50, although you could get it for free as well…

20140909_112619 20140909_112626
20140909_110509 20140909_111226

I ended up spending the whole two hours there mainly because the coffee shop had Wi-Fi. The check at the end said £ 6.25 but I gave £ 8 because I know from past jobs how hard it can be to depend on tips. I even asked around how this is handled here in England and I’ve been told that it’s similar to Germany, it’s not a must but it’s welcomed.

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