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Manish Arora – his individual style made him famous all over the world. The break-even point was reached at a presentation held at London Fashion Week back in 2005. Only two years later he had his debut at the Paris Fashion Week. That’s also where he will be presenting his collection for 2015 this year. His eponymous label actually was established in 1997, so technically the fashion world now celebrates 17 years of Manish Arora!

The crazy style with the distinct Indian touch comes from the preferred usage of the colors pink and gold. Ever since the beginning of the label they are known for clever color compositions and an artistic, valuable color scheme. This year’s winter collection will also include bright and bold shades. The designer skillfully played with the contrasts of those colors and literally makes our eyes sparkle when looking at the colorful designs. The cutting techniques appear to be extremely diverse through the combination of casual lines and elegant forms. It is hard to pinpoint an exact style for it; it’s a multi-facetted, smart and playful mixture in the end. The whole concept is backed up by silky textiles like satin furthermore.

Rose, pink, green and blue are just a few of the used colors here. They were put into great usage in the form of pictures or abstract images and kind of give the pieces their distinct characters. The different prints on the pieces include cupcakes, snow-covered houses and bears. Yes, no matter how crazy it might sound, Manish Arora presents his personal take on contemporary womenswear with pride and virtuosity. That’s why you should not miss out on his phenomenal shows!

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