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Ann Demeulemeester is a well-known name in the fashion scene – her designs are a must for all those who pay attention to individualistic fashion. Born in 1959, she captured the attention of the fashion world in the 80s with her structured garments. This year, she’s returned to Paris to celebrate her newest designs at the Paris Fashion Week.

Her fashion comprises many facets – international yet urban, with a touch of coolness and elegance that promises individuality thanks to sophisticated cuts. Ann Demeulemeester’s fashion can be described as a mixture of street wear and haute couture, in which oversized elements and flattering layer looks play important roles.

Both women and men will be able to seek out their favorite pieces in the fall and winter collection. The unwavering interplay of fashionable chic and casual street style is unique and innovative. Only two nuances have been used: opulent gold and timeless, contemporary black. Beside drapes, lacings, button lines and straight lines, you can also find layers and wrapped elements. Their secret weapon is a versatile mix of exciting, defining coats and blazers, all of which are undisputed eye-catchers.

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After all that, here’s a little preview of the summer collection 2015:

Ann Demeulemeester, Spring and Summer 2014 for him and her

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