Jacket, Anna Böttke
Dress, Franziska Michael

Top, Catharina Gerekos
Trouser, Anna Böttke
Clutch, Illit


Pullover & Shoes Anna Böttke
Fur Coat, A & M Gerekos

I know of rising designer Anna Böttke from my previous work with Paul Aydan Perry, known amongst those in the Berlin fasion scene as an excellent photographer and aesthete. As such, it was clear to me from the beginning that Anna’s work would be of a high quality. And my assumptions turned out to be right – when I finally checked her debut collection out, I enjoyed her designs from the very first moment I laid eyes on them.

Her interpretation of the Skinheads’ youth movement is very well reflected in her work, and speaks to the fact that it still plays a heavy hand in influencing teenage fashion and culture. This goes not only for England, which is where the Skinhead culture was born, but also for many other places.

Her usage of strong masculine features allows her to create individual and sophisticated womenswear, which are also wearable and very modern. The soft pastel colours contrast the masculine forms, leaving onlookers with a memorable impression. I’m definitely looking forward to her next collection!

Perfect perfume for this style:

 Emporio Armani’s ‘Emporio She’



Catharina Gerekos

Dunja Antic

Hair & Make-up
Claudia Runge

Emma @ Mega Models