You’ll need:


 1x orange polish
1x black polish
1x white polish
1x Dotting Tool or the end of a brush or a toothpick

 pumpkin 2

Step 1
Halloween is only mere moments away and this definitely calls out for another Halloween inspired Manicure on this blog to get us all into the right mood. Today’s Manicure requires a bright orange polish (Mine is by Catrice “Orange-Utan) with which you will paint all of your nails except for your accent nail. This one’s going to remain completely nude or covered in a transparent base polish to create the perfect canvas for your little pumpkin later on.

Step 2
Then all of your attention should be on him and him only. To create the little pumpkin take your orange polish once again and your dotting tool. You will have to create a small circle on your accent nail. You don’t have to fill it out just yet, the shape is important here.

Step 3
Now, for the third step you’ll need the white polish and a clean dotting tool. Place two thick dots into the midst of the pumpkin shape to create the eyes. Go ahead and fill in the rest of the pumpkin with orange polish.

Step 4
With the aid of a black striper, place two dots into his eyes, a thicker dot right underneath it for its nose and a cheeky grin below that. Then add a scary but pretty hat onto his head and you’re done with the accent nail. You could leave it with that, however, if this look is too plain for you, create little swirls on the rest of the nails to make sure that they’re all in sync. That will do the trick. Have fun creating this guys!

pumpkin 3

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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