matte white nails

This look is simple and super easy to recreate. You will only need three products:

– A nail file to shape your nails, I’m using one from Bath & Body Works.
– a vibrant white nail polish. Mine is called ‘beluga white’ by JOLIFIN, an alternative to that is ‘blanc’ by Essie.
– lastly a matte top coat, for example ‘3 in 1 Mat fortifying fast dry top coat’ by Kiko.

For this look it doesn’t matter if your nails are shorter or longer because white nail polish will always create an illusion of bigger nails, which is why it will look good on everybody.

Step 1: First file your nails into your desired shape. I decided to go for a square one.

Step 2: Now apply two coats of the white nail polish. Let your nail polish dry in between every layer.

Step 3: As soon as the white nail polish dries completely, take your matte top coat and apply it on top of the white nail polish.

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