The Berlin-based DJ Nu is a traveler, a nomad, who crosses continents. He changed his home country several times, exploring different genres of music. Nu is looking for the perfect sound to express his deepest thoughts and emotions. Often he thought he had found his personal holy grail, but then it slipped out of his fingers. Just like his home city, his music is full of facets. But there is one thing all his tracks and sets have in common: They sound beautiful. Light, easygoing, melodic and pulsating, this sound will make you dream and it will make you dance physically and mentally.

Nu is one of the DJs which made one of Berlin’s most famous clubs Kater Holzig what it is today. And if you haven’t heard any of his tracks and sets, you should definitely click on his Soundcloud and listen to his music.

Our favorites are ‘Man o to‘ or ‘Who loves the sun‘.

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